Sorption dehumidifier DR-050

  • Stainless steel housing
  • SSCR sorption rotor
  • Common fan for process and regeneration air
  • With electric PTC heater
  • With internal heat recovery


Download Data sheet_DR-40-50_DE_01.pdf (207.54 KB)
Download Dimensions_DR-40-50R_01.pdf (51.37 KB)

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Dehumidification capacity at 20° C and 60% rel. humidity: 2,8 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 30°C and 80 % rel. humidity: 3,58 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 10°C and 70 % rel. humidity: 1,96 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 0°C and 90 % rel. humidity: 1,43 kg/h
Process air flow, nominal, ext. pressure:
600 m³/h, at 150 Pa ext.
Regeneration air flow, nominal, ext. pressure: 150 m³/h, at 100 Pa ext.
Working range temperature: -20 to +35 °C
Working range humidity: 10 – 100 % rH
El. heating capacity, max.: 4 kW
Electrical power, max.: 0,3 kW
Total power, max.: 4,3 kW
Supply: 3x 400V, 50 Hz
Fuse: 10 A
Required switch for remote contact (e.g., hygrostat or remote ON): 1 A (control voltage)
Height (total): 599 mm
Width (total): 670 mm
Deep (total): 575 mm
Weight: 60 kg
Inlet process air: 160 mm
Outlet process air (dry air): 160 mm
Inlet regeneration air: 100 mm
Outlet regeneration air (wet air): 100 mm
Rotor speed: 28 1/h
Noise level, with connected ducting, 1m free-field:
Filter: G3
Applications: Diverse application areas, to achieve the lowest relative humidity, to dry air to specific value or at low temperatures, with wet air exhaust to the outside
Working principle: RECUSORB
Stationary, standing
Wet air exhaust: Required
Housing: Stainless steel, self standing
Maintenance accessibility: From the front and from above
Filter: A common G3 filter for the process and regeneration air, can be reached quick and easy
Common fan for process and regeneration air, direct driven
Sorption rotor:
SSCR-U, d 450mm x h 50mm
Rotor drive: Rotor motor with belt drive and belt tensioner
Regeneration heater: Electrical resistance heater, thermostatically controlled,
Thermostat system: Consisting of safety temperature limiter, control thermostat and wet air STB
Electrical equipment: All components wired to serial terminal, main switch, On / Off buttons and Man / Auto switch, light indicators for operation and fault, operating hours counter and hygrostat connection socket, voltage control transformer, motor protection groups, automatic backup devices,
Control: Prepared for hygrostat connection
Remote-ON/OFF, Fault message
Supply: 400V-CEE cable connector with 2m cable
Operating hours counter: Standard
Device connection socket: Standard