DanX swimming pool dehumidification with heat exchanger and heat pump

  • XWP
  • XWP open
  • heat pump water cooled condenser
  • Plug fan 2
  • Powder coating
  • XKS heat exchanger and mixing section
  • DanX XWPS open 1
  • Heat exchanger


For climate control in swimming pool halls with high heat recovery.

DanX-systems creates a comfortable indoor climate in swimming pool halls and ensures high heat recovery and low operational costs.

The one or two-stage heat recovery and the intelligent control system ensure that the DanX systems are ideal for energy-saving and cost-effective climate control in swimming pools.

The DanX units have been specially developed for the aggressive climate in swimming pools. The frame construction as well as all internal surfaces can be supplied powder coated. In addition, specially treated surfaces and a cross-flow heat exchanger made of epoxy-coated aluminum protect the DanX system against any form of corrosion.

The effective heat recovery and optimized control strategy contribute to a cost-effective solution. The durable components ensure a long service life of the system. In the long term, these factors contribute to the reduction of life cycle costs.