DanX XKS swimming pool ventilation with cross flow heat exchanger

  • DanX XKS closed PNG
  • DanX XKS open PNG
  • DanX XWPS open 1
  • Heat exchanger
  • heat pump water cooled condenser
  • Plug fan 2
  • XKS heat exchanger and mixing section
  • Powder coating


Swimming pool ventilation with cross flow heat exchanger

The DanX XKS is a fresh air dehumidification system with a highly efficient cross flow heat exchanger. This system perfectly controls the humidity and indoor temperature whilst offering energy recovery of up to 80 %.

DanX XKS daytime/nighttime – heating: A proportion of recirculated air with heating, 1-stage heat recovery and dehumidification with outside air.

The integrated mixing section ensures that only the exact quantity of fresh air needed is supplied, which keeps running costs at a minimum.