Dry storages

Dry air storing is used for a variety of materials, such as corn, coffee, sugar and electrical appliances. Dry air storing is far more cost effective than the conventional heating and ventilation systems in large warehouses.

Dry air storing is widely used:

From storing timber and cereals, to storing military equipment, such as vehicles and electronics.

Bacterias needs a moist environment to survive and multiply. Since hygroscopic materials attract moisture they are often attractive to bacterial cultures.

If the relative humidity (RH) in the ambient air is maintained below 50%, the conditions for bacteria growth deteriorate.

Iron and steel does not corrode, when the ambient air has a relative humidity below 50%.

Mold and fungi can be eliminated if relative humidity of the ambient air is kept below 70%.

Bacterias do not multiply when relative humidity is kept below 50%.

The solution is: dehumidification

A dehumidifier controls the relative humidity in the storage area. Your goods can be stored for shorter, or longer, period without loss of quality.

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