Dry preservation ensures optimum operational preparedness

Army technology:

  • Material does not corrode
  • High preparedness
  • Saving resources
  • Vehicles are always in good condition

Army storages:

Since the 60s the International forces are recommending the use of sorption dehumidifiers in their storages.

Corrosion and mold can damage the equipment if the relative humidity is not controlled.

It could also mean the end to sensitive electrical equipment.

A dehumidifier controls the relative humidity (RH) so it does not exceed a certain value.

Valuable equipment is therefore always in good condition and ready to use.

Underground storages, hangars and shelters:

Maintaining low humidity is crucial for optimal protection of goods and equipment in underground storages, hangars and shelters.

Maintenance costs are significantly reduced by targeted dehumidification. This is particularly true for electrical equipment.


  • Euro Fighter EF2000 + Black Hawk S-70 helicopters stopped due to the unpredicted effects of too humid air? Professional dehumidification does not permit that!
  • Protects expensive high-tech devices from moisture – reduced maintenance costs!
  • Provides constant preparedness!
  • Prevents corrosion, mold, electric failures and condensation!
  • Maintenance costs reduced by 26%, payback on investment in 9 -12 months!
  • Proven on 3 Hercules C-130 in Hörsching and on all armored vehicles of the MoD, armories and ammunition depots!
  • References such as Air Forces of Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, UK, Australia, USA…

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