K.I.R.S.C.H. MultiDryers ® accelerates the professional drying process.

They are used to initiate the drying process with high speed airflow. Once the moisture is in the air, it can be removed by a dehumidifier.

K.I.R.S.C.H. MultiDryers ® and fans guarantee significant difference in the performance and efficiency of your drying systems.

Sahara Pro Turbo Dryer

Ventilator Sahara Pro Turbo Dryer

Model: Sahara PRO Turbo Dryer

Low power consumption / fuse rating 3.7 A / 3 fan levels, 4 operating positions / up to 5200m³ / hg

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Sahara Turbo Dryer

Ventilator Sahara Turbo Dryer

Model: Sahara Turbo Dryer

3 fan steps / powerful motor / axial fan with 2 ball bearing / stackable

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Speed 50

Ventilator Speed 50

Model: Speed 50

Chromed protection grille / 3 speed steps / vertical inclination / tilt-resistant steel tube stand / powerful aluminum impeller

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