Pharmaceutical industry

Dry air is very important, during the production as well as during storage of pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturing  of tablets: Dry air prevents the adhesion of powder to the forms. With the help of dry air by sorption dryer, the drying time can be considerably reduced. For temperature-sensitive products, this technique is a must.


Tablets, that are provided with glaze, humidity control is a requirement.

Gel capsules:
Before the gel capsules are put together the filler is kept dry to prevent clumping.

Packaging and storage:
Paper packaging and labels, if stored in dry air, are easy to handle and last longer.

Sterile rooms and laboratories:
Low relative humidity kills bacteria. The D-Max rotor is ideally suited for such applications, since it has bacteriostatic properties and does not contain dust particles.

Handling of substances:

When weighing and mixing of hygroscopic ingredients, the relative humidity of the air must be low.[/fusion_text]

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