Power plants

  • Avoid condensation
  • Dry preservation of water tanks
  • Minimize costly maintenance


If one or more water tanks of a power plant are not in operation, the flue gas outlet of the water tank should be protected against corrosion. Dehumidification is easy and ensures a high level of readiness of the water tank.

Dehumidification also protects the pipe system against corrosion. With dry preservation, the maintenance work with the water tank is easier, at the same time the start up is shorter.

The solution is dehumidification!

A dehumidifier controls the relative humidity in a room or a plant. It avoids corrosion and moisture-caused electricity and electronic problems.

The maintenance costs, for example, for a power plants are often unnecessarily high. Dry air reduces the need for corrosion control coatings. It is not necessary to switch off the power plant or parts of it due to maintenance work.

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