Our Dantherm swimming-pool dehumidifiers, as all our products, are highly energy-efficient, durable, reliable and profitable. The Dantherm ventilation equipment is equipped with advanced humidity controlling and creates excellent climate in swimming pools, shopping malls, schools and homes.

Reliable ventilation

Building owners, architects and HVAC specialists have for more than 35 years been witnessing the quality, performance, stability and profitability of Dantherm ventilation systems. Building users can rely on excellent indoor climate provided by us and the Dantherm ventilation solutions. At the same time the building owners can be sure that their buildings are properly protected from moisture.

Climate control for every requirement

We devide our products for heat recovery and ventilation into three major segments; Home ventilation; Pool ventilation /  dehumidification and; Big space ventilation. Dantherm offers ventilation and dry air solutions to all our potentiell customers needs.