Sorption dehumidification – working method

A sorption dehumidifier dehumidifies the air by sorption instead of condensation. It enables very precise supply and control of the dry air.

The K.I.R.S.C.H. sorption dryers are among the most advanced on the market and offers high quality and durability. They are compact, energy-saving, easy to maintain and with very competitive performances. Our sorption dryers are all equipped with a SSCR-rotor and stainless steel housing.

The design of our stainless steel sorption dryers is based on years of experience and practical expertise in the field of dehumidification. They are made for professionals.

Sorption drying is suitable in many industries and applications: pharmaceuticals, army, plastics, restoration, chemistry, storages, food and many more.

Please, find additional information on sorption drying and how we can solve your specific moisture problem on Industry dehumidification.

Product partner


As an official representative for the Swedish manufacturer Seibu Giken DST AB we supply the market with a wide range of sorption dehumidifiers.

Seibu Giken DST AB in Stockholm – founded in 1985 – is a leading international manufacturer of sorption dehumidifiers and silica gel rotors. DST currently has offices and representatives in over 40 countries worldwide. The product range is designed to solve  moisture problems in all industrial applications. ISO 9001 certification guarantees high quality and standards.