DanX XWPRS with heat exchanger and reversible heat pump

  • XWP
  • XWP open
  • DanX XWPS open 1
  • Heat exchanger
  • heat pump water cooled condenser
  • Plug fan 2
  • XKS heat exchanger and mixing section
  • Powder coating


Swimming pool ventilation with heat exchanger and reversible heat pump

In swimming pool halls, high relative humidity and condensation can reduce the well-being of the visitors and cause damage to the building. Dantherm’s corrosion-proof dehumidification plants offer significant heat recovery and high-quality management of the indoor climate.

The DanX XWPRS offers the possibility of running the heat pump also in cooling mode in order to lower the supply air temperature. The unit combines the advantages of a heat pump and an outside air dehumidification system. The mixing box ensures that only the exact quantity of outside air required to sustain comfortable conditions is supplied.

Energy recovery of up to 100 % makes this system the most energy-efficient choice on the market. For further energy optimization, a water-cooled condenser can be integrated into the heat pump. This allows the excess heat to be transferred back to the pool or the hot water supply, where the energy is re-used.

All DanX systems are supplied with a control package, which takes demand management to a new level. Based on years of experience and on-going development, the control strategy has been optimized specifically for Dantherm swimming pool units.


DanX XWPRS daytime: Heat pump in cooling mode.