Consulting & Training
We will guide you through the devices!

Our commitment is reflected in every product (sorption dehumidifier, dryer, swimming pool dehumidifier) that we sell. But that does not exclude your employees. With the right training, your employees can bring your company to a whole new level. Your team will be able to detect faults faster, minimize downtime, improve product quality, and work more efficiently.


  • Ensure the necessary level of competence for operation and basic maintenance
  • Ensuring the safety of employees and equipment
  • Reduced production costs by reduced quality problems

Sorptions technology training

The training covers psychometry, moisture calculations, moisture removal methods, sizing and design of dehumidification systems and / or external air systems or energy recovery systems, and provides a detailed overview of the most common applications for sorption technology. This is for engineers and end users who need basic training in psychrometry and moisture analysis, or simply want to gain a better understanding of the sorption technology and equipment.

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