Ice rinks

Dehumidification provides a flawless vision and a perfect ice quality in an ice hall.

Moisture in ice halls:

Moisture problems easily arise in ice halls:

Water from the ice evaporates into the air. When opening doors, warm and humid air enters the ice hall and additionally increases the humidity. The humid air condensates on cold surfaces of the ice hall, but especially on the ceiling.

Water droplets drip on the ice. Condensate can also cause mold and corrosion. In ice halls, with no controlled indoor climate, humid air can also lead to formation of mist.

The solution is simple!

Moisture problems in ice halls can be solved by installing a dehumidifier. The humidity is decreased to the desired level.

In ice halls with integrated dehumidification bad ice quality, mold and corrosion are passé.

At the same time, the interior climate for all employees and guests is improved.

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