Swimming pool hall ventilation with heat pump


Swimming pool hall ventilation with heat pump

A ventilation system with a heat pump can be used for effective dehumidification in swimming pools if the bathing times and the number of bathers are within reasonable limits, such as in hotel or therapeutic baths. This solution is characterized by low operating costs. It is particularly suitable for swimming pools with little need for fresh air supply.

Air dehumidification is performed by condensation drying. A good indoor air quality is achieved and maintained with appropriate air exchange. For particularly high fresh air requirements, split solutions with an exhaust air fan module are available. They enable greater dehumidification performance and more fresh air supply – with the corresponding comfort benefits for the bathers.

The unit can also operate as a pure dehumidifier with 100% recirculation mode. By inserting a louvre, the airflow for the evaporator is reduced, cooled even further and the dehumidifying performance is significantly increased.

Thanks to the compact design, the heat pump units are particularly suitable for smaller buildings. They can also be installed suspended under the indoor swimming pool ceiling if the conditions in the technical room for the installation of the ventilator are too narrow.


DanX AF daytime operation: recirculation with heating and dehumidification with heat pump and external air.


  • Hotel pools
  • Wellness facilities
  • Private pools
  • Public pools
  • Adventure pools
  • Spa facilities

Features and benefits

  • Strong cabinet of hot dip galvanised closed framework fixed with aluminium corners and internally insulated with mineral wool.
  • Hot dip galvanized sandwich panels with 50 mm insulation (Thermal transmission T3 / Thermal bridging TB3 / Air leakage L3 according to EN 1886).
  • Internal partition wall are 30 mm thick and built from hot dip galvanised 1,25 mm sheet material insulated with mineral wool.
  • Inspection doors with strong hinges and tongue locks with handles or square keys.
  • Heat pump with high COP and optional water cooled condenser.
  • Optionally all internal steel components including fans and panels are powder painted before assembly (Corrosion class C4).
  • A 70 μm powder paint finish on the outside panels is available for units to be installed outdoor in aggressive environments.
  • All fasteners, bolts and nuts are stainless steel or special protected.
  • All coils with aluminium frame, prepainted fins and epoxy painted.
  • Replaceable drop eliminator plates for airspeeds up to 4 m/s.
  • 30 years of experience – designed especially to withstand the aggressive environment.
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