Meat industry

Strict hygiene while processing meat is required to guarantee the quality of the end products.

Meat and sausages:

  • Optimized hygiene
  • No formation of condensation on walls and ceilings
  • Less production stops
  • Minimal risk of slipping

Meat and sausage processing:

Handling meat and sausages requires strict hygiene. That is the only way to guarantee the quality of the end products. Meat processing takes place in cold rooms, where humid air easily condensates on cold surfaces, especially on the ceiling. Dripping condensate violates the hygiene. Wet cartons are an equally serious problem for the employees. Drying the floor after cleaning takes much longer in non-dehumidified spaces. Dry air eliminates the risk of slipping, it also reduces production stops.

How does the problem with condensate occur?

Condensation occurs on cold surfaces, when the dew point of the ambient air is higher than the temperature of the cold surface. As the air is cooled on a cold surface, the water in the air condensates into water. Water droplets can drip on goods, which increases the risk of bacterial growth. Dehumidification – the solution for an optimal climate! A dehumidifier controls the relative humidity to create the right indoor climate.

A dehumidification system, that is providing dry air, brings a number of advantages to meat processing:

No formation of water droplets on walls and ceilings. Significantly reduced health risks of personal with relative humidity at 65-70% RH. Faster drying after cleaning = less production stops. Better working conditions. No slipping and no unhealthy humid air. Dehumidification also reduces the need for cleaning in, for example, cold rooms.

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