Consulting / engineering

K.I.R.S.C.H. supports you all the way

Before you start your next project, you should learn how K.I.R.S.C.H. can help you to find the best solution for you and your customers.

K.I.R.S.C.H. offers a comprehensive pallet of services. Our project managers and engineers are experienced in designing dry air solutions for all sorts of applications. K.I.R.S.C.H. has the skill to offer its customers innovative solutions for the climate control.

We configure our dehumidifiers so they are optimized for your specific application area. We design dry air systems based on your requirements and needs. Finally, we take care of the installation and perform the start-up. Our team offers training in K.I.R.S.C.H. selection software, air conditioning, the latest regulations and best industry practices. The training can also take place locally and can be tailor made to suit your individual needs.

Please, to contact us select a direct contact or use the online request form. 

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