Food industry

Dehumidification ensures: Effective drying times – Consistently high product quality – Constant production conditions

Cheese: While maturing the humidity has a great influence. To achieve the highest quality, humidity and temperature must not exceed certain values.

If the top layer of the fish is dried before the smoking process, it prevents further moisture losses.

Controlled humidity is required in the preparation of dough products in several stages . The supply of dry air may take place both during the fermentation phase as well as during the final drying process. Humidity control in packaging and storage facilities ensures the quality of end products.

Controlled humidity is essential if sweets are coated with a sugar coating. Drying in air with a high moisture content causes stickiness and poor adhesion of the sugar layer. The use of dry air during the cooling process in chocolate and caramel allows a reduction of the cooling time and prevents condensation on products or machinery. In addition, packaging is improved, since dry air is preventing that products, machines and packaging material sticks together.

Sugar crystals decompose or dissolve very quickly in a humid environment . Storage silos, in which large amounts of loose sugar are being stored, are charged with dry air in order to avoid encrustation and other moisture-related damages.

Tablet coating:
In sugar-coating of confectionery, it is necessary to control the humidity. With high humidity the quality drops and the products stick together much easily.

Cooling tunnel:
By using dry air during cooling, for example of chocolate and sugar confectionery, the cooling time is reduced. In addition, the formation of condensation is prevented on products and equipment.

Even the packaging process can be improved with dry air, because the products do not stick to equipment or packaging.

Dry products:
Manufacturing dry products, such as soups and broths, requires dehumidified production spaces. The correct conditions ensures that the ingredients during mixing, or during packaging, does not stick together. Dry air ensures a year-round constant productivity.

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