Tent storages

Optimized storages in terms of tightness and dehumidification.

Dehumidification ensure:

  • No condensation in the storage
  • No corrosion
  • No mold
  • No soft and corrugated cardboard boxes

Tents are used by businesses as additional space for production and storage. In tent halls, the interior climate can be humid, why its crucial to prevent the formation of condensate on cold surfaces, specially on the roof. The moisture causes damage such as mold and corrosion. Moreover, corrugated cardboard boxes become soft in a humid environment. Stored electrical components must also be protected from moisture.

Eliminate the root of the problem!

A dehumidifying system can control the humidity control in a tent storage. Mold damages can be avoided by adjusting the relative humidity below 70 %. To prevent corrosion, the relative humidity should be below 50 %. By controlling the humidity in appropriate intervals (depending on the accuracy of held-values) the quality of stored materials is maintained.

BEST-HALL STORAGES set standards in the field of storing in tents.

BEST-HALL storage tents in PVC are an inexpensive alternative to the hall. The tents can be anchored directly into the asphalt and saves you all the foundation costs.

The acrylic coated PVC-film made of polyester fabric (tensile strength: 400 daN / 5 cm) and with fireproof surface on walls and roof is already “welded” together in the factory to a uniform jointless skin. An additional lower part of the film is cast in asphalt with bitumen. Since the entire hall is completely waterproof and windproof, the humidity in the hall can be kept exactly as desired. Each hall is also equipped with appropriate fans to avoid condensation.

The white PVC film in the roof is translucent, making lighting during the day unnecessary. The colour of the hall can be freely selected. Corporate logos and labels can be attached. Thanks to a new rain repellency system, rainwater no longer flows along the walls, which keeps the tent nice and clean.

Tents with pillar-free spans of 10-80 m are freely selectable, as well as door sizes and their attachment. The steel frame is sandblasted and painted with epoxy paint (galvanized). Wind and snow loads are calculated to regard of installation site. A 1,000 m² hall is fully assembled in about 1 week. A BEST-HALL tent can also be dismantled and moved to a new location.

Mor information on www.marcusgreen.at and www.besthall.com

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