K.I.R.S.C.H. – Your specialist in sorption dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidification

KIRSCH has an excellent reputation as an OEM-partner for modular and custom made dry air solutions developed in intensive consultations with our customers. We control humidity by providing a wide range of products and services.

Technical expertise and innovative approach are key company objectives.

KIRSCH understands the needs of its customers and considers qualified management as the key to success.

With 20 years of experience in innovative and competitive dry air solutions, we continuously strive to minimize our customers production and maintenance costs by improving and optimizing their production techniques.

Main application areas for our products is the process industry. Our dry air solutions can be applied where continuous supply and control of dry air is crucial. Our customers are mainly from the food, pharmaceutical and the wood industry, as well as from the damage restoration industry.

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Restoration equipment

Equipment for professional drying and restoration of objects damaged by water or fire.

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Sorption dehumidification

Know-how, experience and quality equipment for industrial dehumidification.

Why K.I.R.S.C.H?

  • Fast and professional service

  • Professional consulting

  • Know-how and over 20 years of experience

  • Equipment & service from one supplyer

  • Energy optimized technology

  • The most efficient sorption rotor on the market

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Dehumidification for indoor swimming pools

Dehumidification, ventilation and effective heat recovery for indoor swimming pools.

Service, Beratung, Reparatur

Service, repair, maintenance

Maintenance, inspections, service and repairs of all dehumidifiers regardless of brand.

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