DanX XD & HP climate control for wellness and pool areas


Climate control for wellness and pool areas

The DanX XD & HP compact units are energy and cost-efficient solutions that combine dehumidification, temperature control and ventilation in hotel pools, wellness centres and private pools with focus on low energy consumption.

All components of the DanX units ensure high capacity and a long service life. The system allows up to 100 % outdoor air supply. Double cross flow heat exchangers deliver up to 95 % heat recovery combined with low-energy EC fan motors. High-efficiency compressors ensure the lowest possible operating costs.

DanX HP Daytime: Partial recirculation with heating, 2-stage heat recovery and dehumidification with outside air and heat pump (HP model). To minimise pressure loss, only some of the humid air is conducted through the heat exchanger for evaporation. If dehumidification is insufficient, the proportion of dry outside air is increased automatically.



Installation costs are kept to an absolute minimum. The ultra-compact units are delivered fully assembled, with built-in after heating coil and control system. Convenient top or side connections ensure easy access to ducts.

All models are equipped with an intelligent control system, which is unique on the market. The system combines intuitive, problem-free operation with extremely advanced control and programming possibilities. The result is a highly precise control. This is the secret for unusually low operating costs for the DanX XD & HP models. The control also allows integration into a C-Bus system or the connection to a MOD-Bus network.


  • Wellness centres
  • Spa resorts
  • Private swimming pools
  • Hotel pools
  • Leisure fun pools
  • Freizeitzentren

Features and Advantages

  • User friendly control system for high-quality demand management. With automatic monitoring and control of temperature, humidity and energy consumption.
  • Highly efficient, epoxy-coated aluminium heat exchangers offer high resistance to the aggressive swimming pool environments.
  • Heat pump with high COP and optional water cooled condenser.
  • Self-bearing hot dip sandwich panel cabinet with 50 mm insulation, bottom rails and adjustable feet.  Thermal transmission T3 / Thermal bridging TB3 / Air leakage L3 according to EN 1886.Selbst-tragende Sandwichkonstruktion mit Bodenrahmen und verstellbaren Füβen).
  • Internal partition walls are 30 mm thick and built from hot dip galvanized 1,25 mm sheet material insulated with mineral wool.
  • Inspection doors with strong hinges and tongue locks with handles.
  • All panels and metal parts of the unit including fans and panels are powder painted (70 μm) before assembly (Corrosion class C4 according to EN/ISO 12944-2).
  • All fasteners, bolts and nuts are stainless steel or special protected.
  • All coils with aluminium frame, prepainted fins and epoxy painted.
  • 30 years of experience – designed especially to withstand the aggressive environment.
  • Most energy efficient solution on the market.
  • “All-in-one box” solutions.
DanX2 Xd2 HP3 XD3 HP
Air volume (m3/h)1000-20001500-3500
Nominal air volume (m3/h)17502750
Outdoor air volume (%)0-100
Filter outdoor / return airF7 / M5
Dehumidification according to VDI 2089 (kg/h)11111818
Dehumidification (kg/h)691015
COP compressor4,44,4
Water cooled condenser (kW)3,23,2
Max. power consumption (A)6,013,311,621,6
Max. power absorption (W)1400300027004900
Power supply (V/Hz)1×230/502×400+N/50
HxWxD (mm)1595x1750x7801595x1750x7801945x2250x8901945x2250x890
Weight (kg)344389465500