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Dryer KT95pro

  • Automatic hot gas defrosting
  • Integrated stepless hygrostat for automatic operation
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Lockable for safe standing
  • 10 liter water tank with overflow control
  • Enforced front
  • Operating hour counter


Download KT95/KT95pro.pdf (282.12 KB)

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Dehumidification capacity 20°C / 60% RH: 9,5l/24h
Dehumidification capacity 30°C / 80% RH: 23,2l/24h
Dehumidification capacity 28°C / 60% RH: 16,6l/24h
Dehumidification capacity 10°C / 70% RH: 8,0l/24h
Power supply: 480W/230V/50Hz
Working temperature: +6°C to +36°C
Volume: to 500 m³
Dimensions H/W/D in mm: 605/380/362
Weight: 24 kg
Condensate water tank: 10 l
Noise: < 46 – 49 db
*Condensate pump height:  to 4,3 m
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