Dryer CDT 30

  • Application: versatile in industry, trade and construction
  • For dehumidifying rooms to a relative humidity of approx. 40 – 50%
  • Principle of operation: Condensation principle with tank or direct discharge

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Dehumidification capacity 30 ° X / 80% RH: 31 l / 24 h
Dehumidification capacity 20 ° X / 60% RH: 13,4 l / 24 h
Dehumidification capacity 30 ° X / 80% RH: 7,2 l / 24 h
Power supply 590 W / 230 V / 50 Hz
Application temperature: +3°C bis +32°C
Dimensions H/W/D in mm: 736 / 426 / 506
Weight: 32 kg
Sound level: < 56 db

The mobile dehumidifiers of the CDT series allow all companies active in the field of damage restoration and in the construction sector to achieve fast and easy moisture control. The CDT dehumidifiers are characterized by their ease of use, efficient digital control and light yet robust construction.

The CDT dehumidifiers offer power ratings from 30 to 94 L / 24 hours, have a maximum operating temperature of 32 ° C and can be easily digitally set and operated.

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On the digital touch screen, setting values for humidity and service status can be easily controlled. In addition, the operating hours and the energy consumption of the dehumidifier can be read on the display.

Thanks to the adjustable and firm handles, the dehumidifiers can be safely and conveniently handled and operated. With the large rubber wheels, the dehumidifiers can easily be moved up and down on stairs and also pulled through apparently impassable areas.

CDT dehumidifier with pump
The CDT dehumidifier can be fitted with a pump cassette. The pump cassette is installed instead of the water tank. The condensate pump directs the water to a drain via a hose. This means that the water container no longer needs to be emptied. The pump has a pump capacity of max. 4 m height difference. The pump cassette is available as an extra accessory.

Special models with hoses
The special models CDT 30 S and CDT 40 S are equipped with a 1 kW heating element, a high-pressure fan and two nozzles to which two flexible hoses can be connected.

Datasheets and brochures for mobile condensation dehumidifiers can be downloaded below.