Sorption dehumidifier AQ-30 / AQ-31

  • Stainless steel housing
  • D-MAX – sorption rotor
  • With an air cooled condenser, no wet air exhaust necessary
  • Condensate drain including condensate pump
  • Washable air filter
  • Integrated heat recovery
  • Operational in dew points below 0°C


Download_Dimensions_AQ30_31df (43.71 KB)

Dehumidification capacity at 20 ° C and 60% rel. humidity:0,65 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 30 ° C and 80% rel. humidity:0,8 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 10 ° C and 70% rel. humidity:0,75 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 0 ° C and 90% rel. humidity:0,7 kg/h
Process air flow, nominal, at ext. pressure:
330 m³/h at 100 Pa
Regeneration air flow, nominal, at ext. pressure:Circulating
Working environment temperature:0 to +35 °C
Working range humidity:10 – 100 % rF
El. heater power, max.:1,0 kW
El. motor power, max.:0,22 kWel.
El. total consumption, max.:1,5 kW
Supply voltage:1x 230V, 50 Hz
Fuse:10 A
Required current for remote control (for example, humidistat or remote ON):5 A
Height (total):580 mm
Width (total):450 mm
Deep (total):400 mm
Weight:34 kg
Inlet process air:– –
Outlet process air (dry air):Nozzle, d=125mm
Outlet condensate:1/2″ external thread
Rotor speed:23 1/h
For achieving low relative humidity or for drying at low temperatures, with an air-cooled condenser
Mobile and stationary, standing
Wet air exhaust::Required
Housing:Stainless steel, self-standing
Maintenance accessibility:From the front and from above
Air filter:G3 filter for process air, easy to reach, washable
Fan:Radial fan for process and cool air, additional fan for the circulating regeneration air, both fans directly driven
D-MAX, d 300mm x h 50mm
Rotor drive:Belt driven rotor motor with belt tensioner
Regeneration heating:Electrical PTC heater, self-regulating with overheating protection, ammeter for easy reg. airflow control
Thermostat systemFor safety and controlling
Wet air condensorAir-air heat exchanger made of heat-resistant plastics
Condensate tray:Stainless steel
Condensate drain:Spigot with 1/2 “male thread
Electrical equipmentAll components wired to serial terminals, On / Off and Man / Auto switch, standard configuration
Controllability:Prepared for hygrostat connection
Power supply:Safety plug with 2 m supply cable
Operating hours counter:Optional
Device socket:Standard