Sorption dehumidifier DC-031B

  • Stainless steel housing
  • SSCR-sorption rotor
  • Separate guidance of the process and regeneration air
  • Electric PTC regeneration heating
  • Ammeter for regeneration air settings

Specifications / Instructions:

Download Data sheet_DC-031_B_C_DE.pdf (397.95 KB)
Download Dimension drawing_DC-031_T10.pdf (56.83 KB)

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Dehumidification capacity at 20 ° C and 60% rel. humidity:
1,4 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 30 ° C and 80% rel. humidity: 1,6 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 10 ° C and 70% rel. humidity: 1,1 kg/h
Dehumidification capacity at 0 ° C and 90% rel. humidity: 0,8 kg/h
Process air flow, nominal, at ext. pressure: 300 m³/h, Free outlet
Regeneration air flow, nominal, at ext. pressure: 120 m³/h, Free outlet
Working environment temperature: -20 to +35 °C
Working range humidity: 10 – 100 % rF
El. heater power, max.: 1,8 kW
El. motor power, max.: 0,3 kW
El. total consumption, max.: 2,1 kW
Supply voltage: 1x 230V, 50 Hz
Fuse: 10 A
required performance for wireless contact (for example, humidistat or remote ON): 10 A
Hight (total): 488 mm
Width (total): 455 mm
Deep (total): 512 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Inlet process air: 160 mm
Outlet process air (dry air): 160 mm
Inlet regeneration air: 80 mm
Outlet regeneration air (wet air): 80 mm
Rotor speed: 24 1/h
Noise, with associated pipelines, 1m free range:
Filter class: G3
Field of use and installation diverse application range, to achieve the lowest relative humidity, to dry air to specific value or at low temperatures, with wet air exhaust to the outside
Working principle: CONSORB
Installation: Mobile and stationary, standing
Wet air exhaust: Required
Housing: Stainless steel, self-standing
Maintenance accessibility: From the front and from above
Air filter, Filter class: G3 filter for process and regeneration air, easy to reach
Fan: Centrifugal fan for process and regeneration air, both fans directly driven
Rotor: SSCR-U, d 300mm x h 100mm
Rotor drive: Rotor motor with belt drive and belt tensioner
Regeneration heating: Electrical PTC heater, self-regulating with overheating protection, ammeter for easy reg.-air flow control
Electrical equipment:
all components wired to terminal, On / Off and Man / auto switch, with ammeter, working hour counter and hygrostat socket, standard-configuration
 Controlling: Prepared for hygrostat connection
 Signal:  Remote-ON/OFF
 Supply:  Safety plug with 2m supply cable
 Operating hours counter: Standard
 Device socket : Standard