Odor neutraliser

Many odors disturb our nose, well-being, as well as our quality of life. Most odors are momental, but there are some that need a special odor neutralization. Such odors would be:

  • Odors caused by fire damage.
  • Odors that are generated by mold or moisture damage.
  • Moldings on walls, facilities, foodstuffs and other organic substances.
  • Odors caused by sewer backflow or damage to sewage pipes.

In order to control these odors habitat, K.I.R.S.C.H. has developed the odor neutralizer. The easy handling of K.I.R.S.C.H. odor neutralizer, makes it indispensable in the odor removal process.

Ozonation of the air

The most effective method for odor elimination is ozonisation. Our devices have been designed and developed for this method of odor neutralization. During this process, odor-forming substances are destroyed and the odor also disappears.

Nor animals nor persons should be in the same room during this procedure.


You need more information about K.I.R.S.C.H. Odor neutralizer? Just send us an inquiry and we will try to provide you with all the necessary details. Please, use our online form or contact us by telephone.

Odor neutraliser K.I.R.S.C.H. ActivO

Geruchsneutralisation K.I.R.S.C.H. ActivO

The ActivO Ozone Generator is the world leader in its performance class.

It is a robust and fully mobile ozone generator for professional use in restoration of fire and water damage.

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Odor neutraliser K.I.R.S.C.H. OzonBoy

 Geruchsneutralisation K.I.R.S.C.H. OzonBoy

Der OzonBoy

Die Ozonboy-Generation ist der globale Marktführer in der Performance – klasse. Obwohl der Ozonboy nur 6,5 kg wiegt, produziert er 5000 mg Ozon pro stunde. Das macht die Wahl zur …

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